Andrina Santoro

Online Coaching

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I have coached over 100 women and helped them to achieve the body of their dreams and I can't wait to help you too!

Online Coaching

A new begining awaits!

As your personal fitness coach, I offer you overall support. Based on a detailed telephone conversation and a detailed questionnaire, I will create your individual training and nutrition plans.
The tracker allows me and you to track your progress and a chat clarifies your and my questions!


Meal plan

Get closer to your goal with fun and feeling energized.
Delicious and healthy dishes that are tailored to your calorie needs. With me there is no starvation and no renunciation.



I create my training program individually adapted to your lifestyle. My workouts are varied and can be done from anywhere. Whether in the gym, from home or outside.
I also offer you the opportunity to train directly with me and get the maximum result in a short time with the help of the videos. Suitable for every fitness level.



In my app you can document your progress in the tracking function. This is on the one hand to strengthen your motivation and on the other hand it allows me to respond even more precisely to your needs, so that we can achieve optimal results.



An In-App Chat function is available so that I can provide you with the best possible support and any uncertainties or questions can be dealt with efficiently. We are in close and personal contact at all times. You will also receive regular messages or video messages from me.

About me

Andrina Santoro

My online coaching is completely individual and mainly for women who have problems incorporating sports and a healthy diet into their everyday life.

I have coached over 100 women and helped them to achieve the body of their dreams and I can’t wait to help you too! Your body goes hand in hand with your health and well-being. We work not only on the outside, also on the inside – so you can go through life with more confidence.

To help you integrate the plans into your everyday life, I have exciting workout plans for you to do at home, in the gym or outside! The nutrition plans are customized to your individual needs and I also take to account your preparation time as well as any possible intolerances or preferences.

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